What does better pelvic health mean to you?

Embarrassed about stress incontinence?

Pain in your lower abdomen or tailbone?

Scarring from a past surgery or a difficult labor and delivery?

Have you tried other therapies but your problem persists?

There is a new therapy to treat pelvic pain!

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy is a tissue healing and regenerative therapy used to enhance your therapy and to get you better FASTER!

In cases that are not improving or chronic, SWT is very successful in getting rif of pain.

Are you tired of living with pelvic issues?

Pelvic Floor vs Incontinence

Here is an explanation of what is happening to cause incontinence.

This video shows what is happening when there is a problem with our pelvic ring and how it affects the pelvic floor muscles.

Did You Know...

An injury to the pelvis in the past can affect your pelvic floor function?

A lower back injury, stiffness and pain to the sacroiliac joint, affects the pelvic ring. This injury can occur from lifting and twisting, getting rear-ended in your car, and from a difficult and traumatic labor and delivery. Inflammation from the joints as well as reduced mobility to the sacroiliac joint can cause increased tension to one side of the pelvic floor. This tension presents as weakness and symptoms can vary from stress incontinence, back, hip, pelvic or lower abdominal pain, and even constipation. Past abdominal surgery can cause scar tissue and be a cause of lower abdominal and pelvic pain.

Your core muscles are important for pelvic health!

Any pelvic or back injury and pain will inhibit your core. Poor core function creates tension in other muscle groups like your lower back, side hip muscles, and can affect the pelvic floor muscles.

A well rounded pelvic health treatment plan includes analysis and help to get your core muscles working again.

What symptoms and signs should you look for?

Increased urgency to urinate

You feel that your frequency to pee is higher than it should be. You get home and have to go to the bathroom as soon as you walk in the door. You are afraid to drink too much

Constipation can be related to...

A problem to the pelvic ring, for example from a past injury or trauma, can cause abnormal tension to the pelvic floor. This can make it harder to have a bowel movement and causing you to strain or work harder.

Pain and tension in the back or pelvis

Do you have localized pain to any part of the pelvis, lower back or hips? Whether this pain is constant or comes and goes a negative affect on your pelvic floor can occur.

Injury to the pelvic floor and pelvis because of a difficult labor and delivery.

A difficult labor and delivery can cause damage to your pelvic ring, injuring the sacroiliac joints and even the pubic symphysis. Pain is commonly present at our 'dimples' at our lower back and just inside this area. Another area to check is where your pubic bones meet, the pubic symphysis. Pain to these areas tell us that there is a problem and testing is recommended to determine the cause. (Video - Patient example with Pubic Symphysis Diastases. Pelvic self tests and therapist tests)

How We Test And Treat The Pelvis

In this video learn how to check your pelvis to determine what is causing your pain.

Get a 'peek' at some treatment options.

Pelvic Evaluation


For two decades Cornerstone has addressed common pelvic issues successfully through a team approach.

Why choose Cornerstone?

  • New Tissue Regenerative Therapy for the pelvic floor, Shockwave Therapy

  • 1000's of success stories

  • Reduce scarring and improve elasticity

  • Screening for other causes of pelvic pain

  • Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

Shockwave Therapy Pelvic Pain

Improve your pelvic floor through Tissue Regenerative Therapy using Shockwave Therapy.

You can book an evaluation with one of our experienced doctors and get answers to your pelvic problems!

I have tried physical therapy and my problem persists!


Here are what some of our patients are saying.

After struggling with ED for years my wife found a video on the internet talking about Shockwave Therapy and ED and that it could help. After seeing amazing success with my shoulder injury of 50 years I was already a Shockwave believer.

I chose Better Pelvic Health for their expertise and the cost.

By the 3rd session my wife noticed a difference!

Doug, Shockwave believer

After struggling with back pain for years, and feeling a lot older than my age, I decided to try Shockwave Therapy. These are basically sound or acoustic waves that are applied into your body through gel. It is very rare that I feel stiff when getting up from sitting and I can't remember the last time I thought about my lower back!

Matthew, better back pain

I am pleased to see a partnership between a Physical Therapy clinic, Cornerstone, and Family Practice in using Shockwave to treat tough problems.

Thank you, Cornerstone for giving me the opportunity to return to serve in the community.

John, back to life

Pelvic pain is treatable!

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The Cornerstone Physical Therapy Doctors begin with an in-depth evaluation...

The evaluation also includes treatment based on the test findings.

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